Why do you need to take a vacation? You may think you know the answer, but let’s dive into what vacations really are, what they’re not, and how you can take a little time or a lot of time and make it be the reset you deserve. 

So, why are vacations important to you? It may not be what you’re thinking.

When we start thinking about vacations, we can be excited about just getting away or experiencing new things, like food and different cultures. On the other hand, it might be a yearly planned excursion each summer with the family, like a theme park or a cruise, if you’re coming back to that. 

You may have also heard that vacations can improve your mental and emotional health and decrease stress and burnout. People are who take vacations tend to be happier.

That’s all great, but what exactly is a vacation? 

In my world, a vacation is a leave of absence from your job to disconnect, recreate, or tour a location. It is a departure from what you normally do. It also supports you on multiple levels.

But first, what a vacation is not.

A vacation is not doing what you normally do but in a different location. 

If you are on vacation and wake up to take in the news, check email, respond to some emails, make a couple of calls, hop on a meeting, review documents, or text back and forth with your boss, you’re not on vacation. 

If you own a business and you’re checking email, chatting with clients, checking social media, and working on projects, you’re not on vacation. 

If you are a mom and you’re doing everything you normally do with the kids and the household, you’re not on vacation, just in a different location.

A real vacation serves you on multiple levels


Vacations allow you to connect with something bigger than you are. In my Huna studies, it’s having an opportunity to connect with your Higher Self. Source with a capital S. That which connects you to God, The Universe, The Collective, or whatever you choose to believe in. It could be the incredible beauty of a location like the mountains, the ocean, or a forest. It could be sunrises and sunsets that you witness beyond what words can describe, and pictures can capture. Anything awe-inspiring, whether it be nature, music, architecture, or something as simple as quiet walks or meditation, can fall into this category. 


Vacations can allow you space to do the deep thinking that you need now that you’re away from the daily practice of keeping all of the balls in the air, and that’s assuming that you’ve created the space for you to do so. You can daydream and ponder possibilities without any pressure to do so. Allowing things to come to you that you hadn’t thought of before. Be careful not to fall into the trap of overthinking and trying to make a decision come to you. 


Vacations can allow you to process what you’ve been storing up, especially if you don’t have a regular way to process emotions. I don’t mean shoving them down either; that’s not a strategy; it’s an invitation for harm to come to your body. Instead, if you are on vacation and outside of the usual routines, conversations can run deeper, and a solitary walk can allow a space for you to let out what’s been weighing on you. Then, with a clearer mind, you can make better decisions that aren’t hi-jacked by emotion.


Vacations invite you to move more, whether that’s taking a walk in nature or touring beautiful parks or architecture. It can be morning yoga or an evening swim. It can be snorkeling and seeing amazing sealife or shelling on a beach. You get to decide. 


Whether it’s a vacation, staycation, or a day to yourself, how can you take the time you need to recharge to honor who you are? One day on the beach, where I arrived by the sunrise and left to be home in time for dinner, hit all of the levels listed above—just one day.

What are the strategies that you can incorporate to support you to get the time you need? A babysitter? Whatever your husband can order in? Taking a drive while the kids are in school? 

Get creative because I know you can, and get the Clarity you deserve!

P.S. I’m on vacation next week, and although you’ll still be seeing great content, my fabulous team is working in the background to keep it all going. If I can be of service to you and help you get clarity on the next level of your leadership and life, visit www.ClarityWithDebbie.com for a complimentary clarity breakthrough call.