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Corporate Career Masterminds:

We all know there isn’t a one and done process to create long-term success for your team and your organization. No matter how motivated your team is after attending a conference or participating in a training program at your organization, you’ve got to layer in the learning. That’s why Debbie has a corporate offering of her business and career mastermind program. This multi-week program is customized to create an ecosystem of learning and support for your high potential talent to reach the next level within your organization, and continue even after Debbie has gone.

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Client Testimonial for Keynote Speaker, Debbie Peterson presenting The Successful Mentoring Mindset to the Independent Community Bankers Association of America.

Individual Career Masterminds:

Start Envisioning the Career Success You Deserve With a Clarity Mastermind.

Do you feel like you’re achieving meaningful results in your business? Are you spending enough time to focus on what you need to advance? Are you focused on everything or the RIGHT things to get ahead?

In this Career Growth Mastermind, certified NLP practitioner, speaker and career growth strategist, Debbie Peterson of Getting to Clarity shows you how to get really clear on what you want, identify what gets in the way, and build new strategies to actually achieve it!

You’ll learn the 4 steps that increase your clarity of direction in your career, your focus on the right opportunities, and how to be more productive for more momentum and results! No matter where you are in your career timeline you’ll leave with the tips, tools, and techniques to get maximum results every day.

What you’ve done has gotten you to where you are today; what you do in this mastermind and how you will think after, will get you to where you want to go.

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Clients RAVE about Debbie…

Debbie presented to Working Women of Tampa Bay in March 2017. Our guests gave her rave reviews. Debbie has a great presentation style and her talk was packed with great tips for women wanting to increase their confidence in their communication skills. I highly recommend Debbie’s presentation for professional women’s groups.

—Jessica Rivelli
Founder of Working Women – The Fastest Growing Women’s Networking Group in Florida

I feel like there’s been a significant momentum shift in just the past week/week and a half. It’s nice to finally get back to a place where I feel excited about the work I’m doing and what lies ahead. Attending Debbie’s event was the best thing I’ve done in quite some time.

—Heather Sampson

Debbie Peterson gave a fantastic presentation to my group of young professionals at the Professional Development Committee of Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay. Here insights and tidbits were invaluable to our group of up and coming leaders looking to better themselves in their professional lives. She was timely, professional, and great to work with. She would make a great speaker for an upcoming event. Thanks again, Debbie!

—Nico Hohman
Award Winning Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker | Board Member | Public Speaker | Affordable Housing Advocate

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