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How to Build Up Self-Confidence as a Woman in Leadership

To be an influential and successful leader, it's not just what you know but also how confident you feel about your abilities that will make the difference. As women leaders, in particular, find themselves striving for greater heights of ambition, one factor holding...


10 Things You Need to Stop Doing if You Want to Succeed

Contrary to what you were told when you were growing up, it is perfectly acceptable to quit! You are doing things every day that are holding you back from the momentum, success, and confidence you desire in your Career, Business, and Leadership. I’d like you to...


Energy Vampires: How to Deal with Negative People at Work

Have you ever had that person whose one exceptional gift is to push your buttons? Not only push your buttons but get under your skin like no other person? Oh, and let's not forget,, let's make that STOMP on your last nerve. Every. Single. Time. Let's face...


How to Prioritize Yourself and Work at the Same Time

To show up successfully in your professional life, it is important to prioritize yourself personally. I can hear you saying, "Yeah, yeah - I know this," and I get that you do, but do you do it? It can be challenging to do when you are always working and don't have...


How to find the right career choice for you

I wish that it was as effortless as, "Here are the 5 steps you need to take to find the right career choice for you." It isn't. It will require effort from you, but it is entirely achievable and well worth it when you are willing to explore your next steps, next...


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