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How do you cope with pressure at work?

Pressure is a part of normal life. We may intentionally or unintentionally put pressure on ourselves to help us get more done, to be more efficient. We may even tell ourselves that we operate BEST when we're under pressure (insert a David Bowie snap/clap here). But...

How to Trust Yourself MORE in Career and Life!

WHY trust yourself? It sounds like a no-brainer but many of us don't ourselves. Instead, we second guess, anguish over decisions, and disrespect the amazing internal wisdom we have inside. We've all done it and it's not pleasant to experience this...

How to Let Go of Things YOU Can’t Control

We usually don't let go of things until we are forced to. But what if we could do it a little earlier? What if we could save ourselves some stress? This past week was a lesson in surrender for me. I had things neatly outlined of what would happen where. My calendar...

How to Deal With People Who Push Your Buttons!

Have you ever had that person whose one exceptional gift is to push your buttons? Not only push your buttons but get under your skin like no other person? Oh, and let's not forget,, let's make that STOMP on your last nerve. Every. Single. Time. Let's face...

How to Develop a Growth Mindset at Work

I'd like you to imagine that making mistakes doesn't weigh so heavily on you at work. That you don't beat yourself up or wake up at 2 am with your mind churning with what you've done wrong. What could you accomplish if you were more willing to take risks and view...

What should my goals be at work?

Goals at work play such a heavy role at the beginning of the year. People can dive into goal-setting with a vengeance but without a clear focus of what they really want to achieve and how they want to experience their work. You need to understand both sides as part...

How to Stay Motivated and Focused at Work

The holidays are past, and it's time to find your routines again in the new year, but this time you have a chance to create them in a way that allows you to be more motivated and focused in your work and your life! I always enjoy the break for the holidays, even...

What is your WORD for 2021?

The past few weeks, we’ve been exploring questions that will help you get the valuable lessons from 2020 and more insight into how you’d like to move into 2021 in your professional life.  Would it be appealing to move into the next year with intention? To do so...

Two Impactful Questions to Start the New Year Right!

December is one of those months that causes us to get efficient! In addition to what is normally going on, you now have the activities of the holidays. That can mean anything from shopping, baking, wrapping, gathering with family, and possibly friends to having...

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