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Impact-Driven Leadership – Where People, Passion & Performance Intersect

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Where could your organization be if your leaders were making a Clear Impact?

Debbie empowers your leaders to

  • Clearly define their vision for career, leadership, or business.
  • Understand what amplifies their influence and influences their decision-making process to create more impact.
  • Create a plan that turns their vision into actionable steps, and walk out the door knowing where to start.
  • Build relationships and networks that can accelerate their progress and success, personally and professionally.

Clarity is everything your leaders need to to move forward confidently and make a bigger impact in your organization, but without sacrificing themselves in the process. 

Debbie’s keynotes and consulting solutions are fun, highly interactive and provide your leaders the tips, tools, and techniques to create more focus, more momentum, and more results for themselves and your organization.

What is Debbie’s Impact-Driven Leadership Consulting all about?

How Debbie Can Help

Keynote Speaker

Selecting the perfect keynote speaker for your upcoming event is an important decision. Entrepreneur, hyper-growth leader, and best selling author Debbie Peterson will bring your event to life with her extensive experience and unique perspective, helping bring a Clear Impact to your event and to your attendees!


With the diversity of her experience, her abundant creativity and her desire to help people succeed, Debbie Peterson gives each client the totality of her focus, know-how, and encouragement. She gives her audiences the tools to show up “all in” on who they are, what they do, and how to make a bigger impact in their leadership and life.


Debbie Peterson is author of CLARITY: How Smart Professionals Create Career Success on Their Terms. This book provides you and your team with what you need to know and do to make the leap into your next level of career and leadership. “Personal and compelling. Everyone should read Debbie’s Books!”

“You have much more influence to Make a Bigger Impact than you thought.”

– Debbie Peterson

What Others Are Saying About Debbie…

Debbie is a terrific coach and a better person. The “aha” moments are incredibly frequent and revealing about our potential. I’m grateful to Debbie because every moment in her presence for training and coaching is an opportunity for me to grow and be the best version of myself.

John Chartrand Del-One Federal Credit Union
John Chartrand

Debbie is an incredibly talented and dynamic speaker. Her ability to connect with her audience provides for an engaging and educational experience. Most recently, I attended her opening keynote “People, Passion, Purpose” which provided incredible insights into ways to provide clarity in leadership and in life. Her approach is refreshing and innovative with clear and actionable steps towards self improvement.

Gregory Beckwith COCC - Financial Services Technology
Gregory Beckwith

We invited Debbie to present her communication topic at our Virtual Employee Conference this year. Debbie was very easy to work with, and her program was well-received by our staff and employees. She used many great examples and stories to make it a very interactive and actionable presentation! I encourage anyone looking for a skilled virtual (or live) presenter to reach out to Debbie for their employee’s professional development needs.

Dawn Weglein Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
Dawn Weglein

I had the pleasure of listing to Debbie at an event I attended. Debbie Keynote was called “Getting to Clarity”
It was very interesting, and entertaining. You could say a coaching moment or two in the message. I’m not a person who can sit too long, but I was and Now I’m reading Debbie’s Book that I highly recommend.

Kay McKenzie Check Before Hire
Kay McKenzie

Debbie Peterson delivered what was by far the best one hour Keynote that our audience has ever seen. Full of energy, entertainment and inspiring! Best of all her advice was actionable! I would definitely hire her again! She’s a 5-star speaker for sure!!! Keynote speaker, inspiring, actionable, Hire her 🤣

Jessica Rivelli Founder of Working Women
Jessica Rivelli

“We hired Debbie for a “YOUR Next Chapter – Retirement” keynote for our clients at our annual appreciation event. Her message was spot on and clearly connected with our clients. She made our event spectacular!”

Timothy Moore Financial Services
Timothy Moore

“Debbie facilitated a highly-interactive and empowering session at DTCC. She provided attendees with practical tools and powerful examples resulting in an impactful session. She is an influential coach and highly-engaging professional speaker.”

Marie Chinnici-Everitt Chief Marketing Officer, DTCC
Marie Chinnici-Everitt

“We had an amazing conference and closing keynote with Debbie Peterson. Debbie shared with us what it takes to step out and be impactful in what you do. She is absolutely the right person to come in and create such a positive attitude for so many of us here in the Florida banking industry. We appreciate what she’s done and we look forward to seeing her many more times.”

Rita Lowman Florida Bankers
Rita Lowman

Energize Your Next Event, Book Debbie Today!

Energize Your Next Event, Book Debbie Today!

Have you checked out Debbie’s articles yet?

More Clarity creates confidence and courage to make a bigger impact. Debbie’s articles help you recognize your role in success and foster a vision for your next-level growth, in your career, your leadership, or your life! Her approach integrates modern leadership with ancient techniques, aligning thoughts with actions for breakthrough growth. She taps into the critical role of mindset in driving exponential growth, shifting the focus from mere results to the foundational thoughts and behaviors that generate them.

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