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Step up, Speak up, Show up: Mindset Strategies For Women In Business

Whether your women work independently in an entrepreneurial role or collectively in a corporate environment — every aspect of their professional life involves how they step up, speak up, and show up with others. Confidence and internal and external communication skills are vital for them to succeed but they might not be aware of what may be sabotaging them.

This program is perfect for:  

  • Women in Business in ALL industries.

Participants will:

  • Discover the role their thoughts play in confident communication in their business or career.
  • Identify how to eliminate limiting beliefs and step up and rise to their full potential.
  • Discover how to build respect, credibility, and create influence with the ability to speak up appropriately.
  • Learn the habits of the most successful communicators and put them to work for themselves and their organizations.
  • Explore strategies that allow them to show up more confidently-not only physically but figuratively in their professional life.

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Client Testimonial for Keynote Speaker, Debbie Peterson presenting From Frustrated to FOCUSED at the RISE Women’s Leadership Conference in Providence, Rhode Island

How to Create Clarity and Focus on What Matters Most

In today’s business environment, it’s not always easy to keep “the main thing,” well…the main thing. But what if there was a better way to manage your focus and productivity? There is!

In this highly interactive program, you’ll discover the 4 steps that increase your clarity around the priorities you make and the actions you take. You’ll discover how to focus on the right opportunities to be productive so that you can create MORE momentum and results.

As a Participant, You Will:

  • Explore a strategy that allows you to really prioritize all that you have on your plate, whether working from home or in the office and discover the way forward with more time!
  • Get clarity on how to create an extreme sliver of focus toward goals, projects, and clients, so that you are making educated decisions about where to apply your efforts.
  • Discover one powerful tool that will have you achieving progress toward what is most important each and every day!
  • Understand what gets in the way of you achieving your desired results and, most importantly, what you can do about it.

With the business environment changing around you, it’s time to uplevel your thinking, actions, and behaviors so that you can show up in your role in a better, more productive way!

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

From Chaos to Calm in Career & Life!

Are all of your routines being thrown out the window? Does it seem like the stability you know is on shaky ground? You’re not alone.

In this highly interactive virtual program, you’ll discover the tips, tools, and strategies to calm the chaos and start to feel confident as you move forward and re-enter your workplace once again.

In this live virtual presentation, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt, limiting beliefs, and self–doubt.
  • Gain strategies to deal with your stress and anxiety, as well how to not pick up anyone else’s.
  • Explore the boundaries that need to be in place in order to successfully work from home, and eventually re-enter the workplace.
  • Understand the importance of self-care and strategies to give you the “grace and space” to navigate a new normal that is continually changing

Join us and give yourself permission start where you are, understand what you are feeling is for a reason, and gain strategies to cope with whatever comes your way.

Clients RAVE about Debbie…

Debbie provided a fantastic presentation “The Road Map to Your Career”. It was a great exercise in truly understanding what is important to us in both our personal and professional lives and how to remember to prioritize. I highly recommended any opportunity to listen to Debbie speak. It was an amazing learning opportunity where I took away many ideas for prioritizing and finding the clarity for what’s important to me in my career.

—Darcy Friesen
Vice President BSA Manager

The invaluable content and the relationships forged were only surpassed by Debbie’s inimitable guidance and consummate compassion. There is so much more to this retreat than finding the way forward for your business…it opens a way forward for your entire life as well. I have HUGE appreciation for this experience, and eagerly encourage those looking for clarity to dive right in!

—Polo REO Tate
Author of Deep Dark Blue, Actor, Speaker.

Linda Crist
As a female working in public accounting for 30 years, I have participated in numerous team building workshops. The presentation by Debbie – R.A.C.E. Towards YOUR Next Chapter in Career – was the most useful and meaningful workshop that I have attended. She introduced methods to encourage a deeper understanding of my personal goals and values, as well as tools to aid in better communication skills. A day well spent!

—Linda Crist
Senior Director at Hill, Barth & King LLC

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