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The ATHENA Difference: Authentic Leadership for Women in Business

Authenticity is the bedrock of becoming an successful leader, but what gets in the way of you showing up personally and professionally as your authentic self, especially in your leadership?

In this highly interactive program, you’ll discover what authenticity means to you in your life and career so that you show up as who you are regardless of the circumstance. We’ll explore what gets in the way of you showing up as your true self and strategies to bring you back to center.

Regardless of where you are in your leadership journey, just starting in your career or as a high-level executive, learn the tips, tools, and techniques for authenticity as an ATHENA Leader by exploring the ATHENA Leadership Model.

This Program is perfect for:

  • Women in Business in ALL industries.

Participants will:

  • Understand what it means to be true to YOURSELF and not be derailed by others.
  • Develop an inner clarity of direction centered in your CORE beliefs.
  • Discover your CORE values and how to make better choices aligned with who you are and what you want to create in your career and life.
  • Explore your sense of purpose so it can develop as part of your authentic leadership.
  • Uncover how to uplevel your interactions with others, so you show up as honest, genuine, and approachable at home and work.

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Client Testimonial for Keynote Speaker, Debbie Peterson presenting From Frustrated to FOCUSED at the RISE Women’s Leadership Conference in Providence, Rhode Island

The Way Forward: Your Roadmap to Success by Design, Not by Default

Do you feel so busy taking care of everyone and everything else that you’ve lost yourself in the process? Are you doing what you’ve always done but it’s just not working for you anymore? You’re not alone.

Step away from the busyness and join me for this program and give yourself permission to be curious and explore your way forward from here.

Success shouldn’t come at the expense of who you are. It should bring out the best of who you are!

In this highly interactive program you are going to be reminded of your potential, get clarity on the right path forward for you, and take action toward becoming your best self!

This program is perfect for

  • Groups wanting a motivating message to find meaning and joy in work
  • Women in Business

In this highly interactive program you are going to be reminded of your potential, get clarity on the right path forward for you, and take action toward becoming your best self!

 Participants will:

  • Explore who they are meant to be as a source of happiness, joy, and fulfillment.
  • Discover the obstacles that keep them playing smaller than your potential.
  • Identify how to eliminate limiting beliefs that hold them back.
  • Uncover new, bigger opportunities on their path forward.
  • Discover the role their thoughts play in confident communication in their business or career.
  • Identify how to eliminate limiting beliefs and step up and rise to their full potential.
  • Discover how to build respect, credibility, and create influence with the ability to speak up appropriately.
  • Learn the habits of the most successful communicators and put them to work for themselves and their organizations.
  • Explore strategies that allow them to show up more confidently-not only physically but figuratively in their professional life.

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Clients RAVE about Debbie…

Debbie presented two professional development sessions at the 2018 Society of Sensory Professionals (SSP) Conference in Cleveland. Her energy and passion was captivating and motivating. I learned new things from her and she reminded me of the power of positive thinking and speaking. I enjoyed learning about communication styles (are you a Peacock, Lamb, Owl, or Lion?), bringing self-awareness top of mind and empowering to have the courage to “catch it, challenge it, change it.”
Instant fan! Thank you Debbie!

—Patti Wojnicz
Vice President, Research Management/Strategy at P&K Research

The invaluable content and the relationships forged were only surpassed by Debbie’s inimitable guidance and consummate compassion. There is so much more to this retreat than finding the way forward for your business…it opens a way forward for your entire life as well. I have HUGE appreciation for this experience, and eagerly encourage those looking for clarity to dive right in!

—Heather Sampson
Theresa (Rachuba) Leatherbury

Linda Crist
As a female working in public accounting for 30 years, I have participated in numerous team building workshops. The presentation by Debbie – R.A.C.E. Towards YOUR Next Chapter in Career – was the most useful and meaningful workshop that I have attended. She introduced methods to encourage a deeper understanding of my personal goals and values, as well as tools to aid in better communication skills. A day well spent!

—Linda Crist
Senior Director at Hill, Barth & King LLC

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