How would you like an easier way to your next steps, next level, or next chapter in your professional (and personal) life? Maybe find a shortcut to having fulfilling and rewarding experiences, not defined by anyone else, but defined by you?

Work that is meaningful, where you feel valued, and can make an impact.

A focus on taking care of yourself, so you have energy and feel great! When you are showing up as your best and highest self!

Relationships that are in sync with each other and not operating from whatever spare time you have leftover from work.

If you’re all in on this, then get curious because I will tap into a shortcut here.

Your mind is the biggest resource you have to achieve anything you want in your career, business, or life, and your mind is just waiting to serve you! It is a workhorse and can operate on your behalf to bring you these kinds of results without you having to think about “doing” it consciously. Instead, it happens in the background.

What do I mean by that? 

Your mind will work overtime to bring you exactly what you want, but you have a role in that process. First, you have to give it good instructions, so it knows what to look for. You have to be able to tell it and show it what you want, and that’s why dreams and goals are so important.

Goals and dreams are like the destination you plug into your maps app on your phone, and your mind is the app itself. Once you have picked the destination (your goal or dream), the app (your mind) goes to work to map out the route and provide guidance to get you there.

And, just like driving in your car to a destination, the path to your goal or dream will not always be straight and smooth.

Here’s what can happen and what you can do about it. 

You’ll get rerouted.

Sure enough, one avenue to your goal or dream will be closed or blocked. This is where some of us will decide that the goal or dream isn’t for us because it didn’t happen in the way we thought it “should.” But the thing is that the destination is still programmed, and the app will find you another way—the same with your mind. So there is more than one way to your goal or dream. So hold onto what you want but let go of “how” it happens.

There is a faster route. 

When you are driving, the app is always running in the background to monitor traffic, and when there is a faster way to your destination, it will chime in and tell you the time that you can save by taking a different turn. It literally pops up on your screen to let you know.

For us, when a new way of achieving something pops into our mind, it isn’t always apparent that it’s coming up for a reason; that it could be a “faster route.” While driving, it’s obvious we have a choice to make. But, when it’s our goals and dreams, we can ignore the prompt because we aren’t aware.

To be aware of a faster route, we have to be in tune with our goal or dream, meaning we have a clear focus on what we want. Or at least as clear as we can be at any given moment.

We have to be aware of what is happening around us, meaning for each step we take, there is feedback and the opportunity to recalibrate or refine our actions. This is when the faster route becomes more visible because we are open to receiving it.

There are road hazards.

We also have to be self-aware of how we feel on this journey to our goals and dreams. Because even if you are focused on them, even if you are aware of other ways to have the fulfilling results you want, there can still be obstacles. In keeping with the metaphor here, I’ll say they are road hazards, and maybe they aren’t big enough to detour you, but they can certainly slow you down.

Things like accidents, semi-truck treads, or the police sitting in the median that cause you to swerve, stop, or slow down. These are life events that cause you to look at what you want again and make an educated decision about how you proceed. These are illnesses, getting fired, divorcing a spouse, losing a parent, or any number of things that force us to re-evaluate. When these happen, it’s a sign for you to pay attention.

Your goals and dreams happen because of the choices you make, not by chance. But they won’t happen at all if you don’t have a destination in mind.

Until next time, here’s wishing you the Clarity (of direction) that you deserve!