If the past year and a half have taught us anything, it is we can change our minds. We can change our careers, how we spend our time, our lives! So, in the era of the Great Resignation, it’s important to know what questions to ask when you are considering “what’s next?” 

Now, sure there are questions about what are my interests and skills? What are my talents and strengths? Are there even jobs available in the area I’m interested in? Those are all great questions, but they can’t be all you ask. 

People often look at titles, pay grades, and job duties when trying to figure out their next steps, next level, or next chapter, but those don’t necessarily give you an indication of how well you’ll be satisfied in that role. If you are looking for long-term fulfillment and satisfaction, then you’ve got to take into account how work will interact with the rest of your life too.  

Are you clear on how you want your work to fold into your life? Or, are you taking a chance that it won’t take over your life? I mean, completely! 

Regardless of whether you are stepping into a new roleadvancing in an existing one, or changing things up to go in a new direction altogether, there are key questions you need to ask yourself at this time.  

  1. At this time in my life, what other areas of life are as important or more important than Career? Round out the list with no more than three. Usually, a career isn’t all there is in your life. Prioritize Career, Family, Relationships, Health & Fitness, Spirituality, and Personal Development according to what is MOST important to what is least important (knowing that they all may be important). Number them 1 through 6. One being most important, six being least important. What are the top 2 on this list, top 3 if Career is one of them? 
  2. What is my ideal vision of my Career? Create a picture of what it looks like, how it’s structured, and how it interacts from a time perspective with the rest of your life. Almost like a vision board, you want to see all aspects of what you are trying to create.  
  3. Is it aligned with the experience of a career that I want to have? So, you have the title and the responsibilities of the role, but when you are performing that role, what experience do you want to have? I’ve heard great things from my clients when I ask this question. Some replies have been, great team members, room to advance, respect, autonomy, feeling excited to go to work, meaningful, helping others, and more. So, what is on your list to experience?  
  4. What am I not willing to sacrifice for my Career? How will this role impact that? 

When you pair these additional questions with your skillsets and experience, you create a more complete picture of what will allow you to create success on your terms! 

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