As any self-respecting, type A, driver sort of personality will tell you; it feels good to get stuff done! It feels good to have a list and cross each item off one by one. It feels like you have amazing power when you have a LOT of balls in the air and keep them moving.

It feels good until it doesn’t.

That’s when the balls start dropping. That’s when, consciously or unconsciously, you don’t bother with a list because you think, “Hey, I can’t get it all done, AND I don’t even know where to start anyhow.” That’s when overwhelm sets in, you check out mentally, and you check in to the latest binge-worthy series on Netflix.

Especially now, when our work lives and personal lives are all smushed, a highly technical term, together, it’s easy for this to happen.

Here’s one easy tool to keep that from happening. Name your win.

Whether it’s the win for the day or a win for the week, name it to claim it!

When you define your win, you create your finish line, and it no longer becomes a moving target. Because as amazing and accomplished as you are, you do this to yourself. You keep moving the win; you keep it just out of reach because you’re onto the next thing you need to do. You never let yourself win.

So as easy as that, name your win. What is one thing that if you accomplished it today would make you feel great? Write it down. If you have a win for the week, the same thing, write it down. There is something magical that happens when we put pen to paper and declare our win. It means more; it’s physical, not digital, it sets energy in motion. Focus on your win first each day for as much time as you can give it.

Next, celebrate when you achieve it. Don’t belittle your accomplishment. If it’s a win, then celebrate it! Acknowledge what you do each day because you are amazing.

Here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve! Be good to yourself.


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Debbie Peterson is a business keynote speaker, career growth strategist and coach helping women and emerging leaders to create the “next level” or “next chapter” of career with their career roadmap.  Connect with Debbie on LinkedIn, Twitter, or join her Facebook Group, The Way Forward in YOUR Career.