Today I have a challenge for you.

Make a list of all your accomplishments from this year. Everything you can think of, no matter how big or small.


Why is this important?

Because it is an acknowledgment of all you have achieved this year, and that acknowledgment is essential and here’s why. As busy professionals, it’s too easy to keep looking ahead; and thinking of what’s next without really acknowledging what you deserve to celebrate. We don’t acknowledge our wins; often, it’s like a checkbox for us, and then we’re off to the next thing.


In one of the masterminds I run for my clients, one of the women asked me to hold her accountable for celebrating a win for each of our meetings. She commented, “I don’t do that enough.” And the problem is that when you don’t acknowledge your wins and don’t recognize your accomplishments, it’s like disrespecting yourself. You’ve worked to achieve something and then unconsciously said, “it’s no big deal.”

So, turning it around, it’s a form of self-respect (a confidence builder!) when you bother to sit down and make out the list. We’re talking about all of the things you have accomplished, things that have gone right, all that you’ve been able to take care of, and all that you’ve made happen this year.


Let’s grab a pen and a piece of paper or open a voice note on your phone and start listing your professional accomplishments. What have you accomplished at work? Think of projects, people you’ve helped, and any other contribution you’ve made to your organization. What were your professional development goals at work? What progress did you make there?


Next, let’s think about what you’ve accomplished personally. What are the wins, no matter how small, you can celebrate related to your health and fitness, family, relationships, or spiritual aspects of your life?

It could be that you got the basement cleaned out. Maybe you managed date nights for more weeks than you didn’t – that’s a win. It could be a promotion that you got this year. You could also have reached a health and fitness goal – mine was 60 pounds, and it felt great! Perhaps you managed to show up for all (or most) of your kid’s soccer games.

I want your brain to go in that direction of thinking, of what is instead of what isn’t. This is retraining your brain, so you will more easily see more of your wins in the future.

Get creative and come up with as many as you can. I’ve got a running list, and I’d love to hear from you. How many did you come up with? Please shoot me an email and let me know!


And speaking of retraining your brain, if you would like to figure out your next steps, perhaps in the new year or your next level in your leadership or life, head to and grab your copy of my free resource that allows you to uncover your answers about what your next level could be.

Until next time, here’s wishing you the clarity (and the wins) you deserve!