Have you ever heard the quote, “All good things come to those who wait?

Are you, right now, wanting to roll your eyes because you’ve heard it from your mother or perhaps some other adult as you were growing up? I know, I rolled my eyes too.

What I’ve come to find out in building my business that it really is true. Maybe not necessarily waiting, but sticking with something and seeing it through, longer than I would have anticipated. In your business or career sticking with it is an essential element for success and here’s why.

Because we give up too early.

We give up right before we should. We toss in the towel right when everything we have been working so hard for is about to come to fruition. We give up on not only what we’ve been working for, but in a sense, we give up on ourselves and our ability to make something happen that moves us towards what we want.

Have you ever reached out to a prospect and not heard back? Then you don’t reach out a second time. Or perhaps you reach out a couple of times but you don’t want to be a bother so you don’t reach out again.

Have you ever gotten a “not this year” or “not at this time email?” How about “we decided to go in another direction?” Maybe it was a “we are sorry to inform you…” email. Perhaps you feel a bit down or defeated. You start to take it personally. Maybe, like me, you start to feel that maybe something is wrong with you. Don’t.

It’s not about you. It’s not a NO, it’s a “not yet.”

Don’t go down the rabbit hole of self-doubt but instead focus your energy on creating self-discipline which becomes your bridge to results. Building a career or business it takes time, and it’s not about perfection, it’s about effort.

Identify the people you need to connect with to create visibility in your company or industry so that you are promotable. Have a plan to connect with prospects and build the necessary relationships to be of good service to them. Know what the next step is for you and take it, every day, because it’s not the things you do once in a while, it’s the things that you do consistently that will take you where you want to go.

Remember, the greatest Oak was once a nut that held its ground.

Be good to yourself and here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve.

Debbie Peterson of Getting to Clarity is a Business Keynote Speaker, Author, and Career Mindset Strategist helping professionals to elevate their mindset and accelerate their results.