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Debbie’s goal is to make things as easy as possible for you!


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Why Debbie?

> Debbie’s keynotes are customized. During the discovery process, Debbie works with you to tailor her program to your participants.

> You need a partner and Debbie joins with you to promote your event, create curiosity, and drive attendance. Through promotional videos, customized content, interviews, and articles Debbie will be your partner to help your event exceed your expectations!

> Debbie is an easy speaker to work with and has a range of options that makes it all so much less stressful for you.

> The keynote doesn’t have to be the end. Debbie can help your organization continue to layer in the learning with follow up content and tips as well as live and virtual learning opportunities.

    Watch Debbie in Action!

    Room Setup

    Debbie loves to interact with her audience! Toward that end, a lectern is not necessary and should be removed if one exists. Please ensure that attendees are seated from the front of the room towards the back. Empty seats at the front of the room make for a boring event, which I know you don’t want.

    Audio Visual Requirements

    No special A/V needed, unless a power point presentation was created special for your event. A handheld microphone is preferred to maximum audience interaction.

    Attendees / VIP’s / Executive Interviews

    Debbie enjoys connecting with attendees in advance of her presentation. She incorporates stories and examples when possible to make her presentation even more relevant to your attendees.

    Recording of Presentation

    Audio or video recording of the presentation, in whole or in part, by the client for private distribution is encouraged, provided Debbie Peterson receives the master copy and usage by the organization is limited to non-financial gain.


    Per her standard agreement, Debbie requires 50% of the total fee to confirm the date and the remaining 50% due seven (7) days prior to Debbie’s presentation. An invoice for travel expenses and per diem will be emailed immediately following the engagement for payment within 14 days of receipt.

    Air Travel

    Debbie will be responsible for all air travel arrangements, non-refundable, non-stop (when possible) coach fare, round trip from Erie, Pennsylvania or Fort Myers, Florida.

    Accommodations & Ground Transportation

    Please ensure a non-smoking, King room at the same hotel where the meeting is to be held and is secured by the client, guaranteed for late arrival and billed to the master account. The client will also arrange for transportation to and from the airport, if required, along with the Name/Agency providing it. In the event it is agreed that air travel is not required, Debbie will make arrangements for a rental car through National Car Rental.


    If handouts are being used, a master copy will be provided to the client. Please ensure each participant has a copy PRIOR to the program.

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    Contact Info

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