Well at least this weekend it did. This weekend was about family and my mother, sister and I spent it at Camp. When I was preparing to leave on Friday I was feeling a bit guilty because there was so much going on, I really felt I didn’t have the time to take off.  I got as much done as I could before I left and I prepared my mother that I was going to work during the afternoon when I got down there.  Now “Camp” is a bit rural so you can’t even get a cell signal let alone do any serious work there other than reading but I thought I’d make the best of it.

A strange thing happened this weekend though…I found out that smoke revealed clarity.  Who knew?  As I built and nurtured the fire, noticing birds and beautiful fall leaves, I enjoyed the experience of just “being” outside.  I let my mind wander as I stared at the flames; I let myself disconnect with the busyness of my life as I talked with my mother and sister and I just enjoyed.  What happened were new ideas coming to me, steps falling into place and a renewal of purpose.  The weekend didn’t wind me up; it actually wound me down and allowed me to settle.  It allowed me to dream a little more.  I take time to quiet my mind and I’ll admit that I am working to get better at it because I have room to improve!  The change of context this weekend was enough to get it done though, it was a gift.

We all have so much that we focus on – being mothers, our careers, family, our communities and usually further down the list, us.  Just because we have busy lives and things that need to get done doesn’t mean that we can’t have a direction, a goal, a dream or a purpose.  This is one of the primary reasons I founded Getting To Clarity to teach them tools to do so.

I’d love to hear about what you do that allows you to settle and dream a little more because your input may give another woman a tool to incorporate into her life without reinventing the wheel.  Thanks for sharing!