Do you? When there is something that you desire, when there is something you want to have go a certain way do you say it the way you want it?

What about big stuff like when you have an important meeting or clients coming in, can you specifically say what outcome you want?

What about huge stuff – like relationships, career, personal development, health and fitness?  Can you say what you want? Have you even thought about it? Do you write it down? Could you if you even tried?

What about the small stuff? What do you want your day to be like? What do you want to achieve? What do you want to experience?

If you go out to buy a car or a house, if you go on vacation – you plan.  You think about what you want and then you research it and go look for it.

“I want a ranch home with a 2 car attached garage in a neighborhood with lots of trees and I have a budget of $___.” Then you go through the Homes Magazine, go to open houses, and hire a realtor.

You don’t just go to the airport and say “Let’s pick a plane and see where we end up for vacation.”  You plan your vacation, you consider the experience you want, how you want it to be.

Do you go to the car lot and say “Any car at any price will do – how about that one?” No. You think. You plan. You focus.  And you find it.

Why wouldn’t you do the same for you and your life?

This is such an important step in getting to the life that you want – directing it. I encourage all my students and clients to regularly create and revisit their goals. Its part of any change work that we undertake because it can be so powerful!  I’ll be conducting a workshop in a couple of weeks dedicated to this step, encouraging and teaching ladies to give thought and direction to their lives as well as outlining simple processes for them to get there.

The key is knowing what you want to ask for. Life is a big, beautiful, bountiful smorgasbord – how are you ever going to get what you want if you don’t ask for it?

You always ask.