Want to go from frustrated to FOCUSED in your business or career? Maybe even beyond that to fulfilled? Run your own race.

Have you ever tried to juggle? I mean actually pick up three or more objects and juggle? I am amazed at the people who can do it and make it look so easy because that certainly wasn’t the case for me. The floor was littered with whatever I was trying to keep up in the air.

When it comes to our career and businesses we juggle as well because we want to accomplish a great deal, but that can be part of the problem. You try to do it ALL and usually that’s a big ole’ recipe for stress and burnout.

Your mind is an amazing tool that can help you create success in your career or business. It is constantly scanning your environment for all the things that need to be taken care of to be successful.

So for instance, you notice the tasks that are your responsibility to be taken care of at work. You focus on customers, clients, and prospects that need your time and attention. At home, you list the items that need to be repaired or maintained. That’s how we operate and there is always a list longer than your arm of things that need to be done between your personal and professional lives.

In business and career, there are other things that we focus on which may be derailing our own success, and that is the success of others.

When you are a type A, driven sort of professional you scan your environment for people who are doing what you want to do – but better. You look for the successes of others; you notice their strategies and work to incorporate them into your career or business. Oh, and not just some of them – all of them!

You think if they are having success doing this, then you need to be doing this as well. You see someone having great success in attracting clients on social media, so now you have to put more effort into achieving this too. You see a co-worker who is known as an exceptional networker and all of the sudden you’re attending every chamber event and business after hours that you can find.

This doesn’t just happen in your professional life; it happens in your personal life too. You see the Mom in your subdivision with kids in multiple sports, and she talks about her kid’s games and how she enjoys always being there. It makes you feel like a total a slacker because it’s a struggle between you and your spouse to even alternate attendance at your kid’s games. But if she can do it, then you have to too. Your days lengthen and your nights, and your sleep, disappear.

We compare ourselves to other people. We rank ourselves in some sort of hierarchy of ability. We measure our successes against others, and we think that we need to be doing more.

More is not better. More can be stressful, especially when it’s not what you really want or if it’s not moving you towards the professional and personal life that will fulfill you.

If you want to go from frustrated to focused in your career or business, or even beyond that to fulfilled, then you’ve got to stop chasing success in every direction. Get clarity on YOUR direction and start pursuing the right opportunities for the right reasons. Understand what motivates you in your career or business. What are the things you are naturally good at or really enjoy doing? How do you want your career to fit in with the rest of your life?

The more you are clear on what YOU want specifically, the more clarity of direction you will have and the better decisions you will make.

You need to run your own race, instead of a little bit of everyone else’s. Here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve.

As a professional speaker, I help professionals develop the mindset to up their game and accelerate meaningful results in their career or business. And, as a mindset strategist and coach, I help them successfully achieve their next level in career or business by harnessing the power of their thoughts. If’ you’d like to explore what more clarity might look like for you, click HERE.