During Thanksgiving a lot of people say what they are grateful for. For me that’s easy!Monday

I’m thankful for, grateful for and blessed by the Pretty and the Messy.

There are all kinds of things that happen in your life to make you who you are.  Some of them great, supportive and fantastic!  Some of them not so much…or so it would seem.

Here are some of some of what I am grateful for and why:

The days where my gratitude and curiosity flow from me like sunbeams!

And also the days where I am down, as if someone has covered me with a wet blanket – because at least I notice and can make a change.

The friends and people who have come into my life and have loved me, cared for me and supported me – because they show me and encourage me in how I want to live my life.

And also the people who have come into my life that have not been supportive, created turbulence and drama – because it gave me a valuable lesson and an example of how I don’t want to live my life.

The important people born in my life – my son, my sister and my grandchildrenbecause I get so much love from them and get to share love back as well as pieces of who I am.

And also the important people who died in my life – my father, my grandparents and in-lawsbecause they shared so much of who they were that show up in who I am.  I strive to live by and pass on their wisdom.

The experiences of complete euphoria when something goes just perfect – like hitting the “sweet spot” on the club or racquet, the days of blissful vacation, the flawless dinner or the seamless training – because it feels terrific!

And also the days where I think “Who in the Universe did I tick off to deserve this?”  The endless obstacles and challenges all aligned to attempt to ruin an event, a project or a weekend. The days where I can’t seem to get out of my mouth what is in my head when I’m in a roomful of people – because it is uncomfortable and I can realize where I’m at and what I want to experience instead. 

The prettiest of the Pretty that I am grateful for is my familybecause even when we get messy…it’s Gorgeous!

So what are you grateful for?

Be well…  Deb