I’ve just returned from a Huna workshop where I dug deep into my beliefs and examined what I thought to be true, what I expected of myself and what I was hiding from. The time I take for myself allows me to readjust and build my confident mindset and come back in a more balanced place.

I was feeling confident and a bit smug as I went right into a boot camp to up my keynote speaking skills. I knew it would be tough but I thought I had dealt with my “stuff” so that I would be in a unique place to avoid the pain of the stretch I was anticipating personally.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. My stuff came up in a BIG way because although I was speaking my truth, I wasn’t totally living my truth when it came to my business. I wasn’t aligned and I wasn’t walking the talk. I had such vivid clarity at that moment and was able to realize what had to immediately change.

That’s what stretching does. It makes you uncomfortable. It may even be painful. It can be messy but it is so worth it on the other side.

I feel like I have been turned inside out, scrubbed and somehow reassembled differently but in a better way. I am a different person, I am more confident and I am so profoundly grateful for each of the experiences.

So my question to you is when is the last time you have given yourself permission to examine and stretch?

How you grow personally affects EVERY. SINGLE. AREA of your life.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you put yourself through emotional trauma, but I do suggest that you start where you’re at and find a way to move yourself out of your comfort zone. Whatever that means to you because if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always got, right?

Right now, it may look, sound or feel like this:

You’re just going through the motions. You are wondering “Is this all life will ever be?” You have a feeling that there is something more for you but you can’t put your finger on it and you don’t really know how to go about getting it.

You remember the dreams you had when you were little that you let go of because “life happened”, and now you feel dreaming is frivolous – you just have too much to take care of.

You know what you’d love to do, if only you had the time to do it, but you don’t. You hear from other people how good you are at it and it validates what you feel but you’re scared to put yourself out there like that.

You have the purpose, passion and potential inside of you to uncover, discover and start living YOUR Next Chapter but you have to take the first step. Find someone, something, a person, a course to help you move to that next level, because you shouldn’t have to figure it out all by yourself. You don’t have to do it alone (no matter what that unhelpful voice in your head says).

I wish you the clarity you deserve and the personal and professional growth that will get you there.

Be well,


P.S. If you’re looking for an intimate setting to explore what YOUR Next Chapter may be for you, I’m holding two (2) half day retreats, one in Florida and one in Pennsylvania. I’m keeping the number of attendees small so I can work personally with each of you. If this sounds like you or someone you know, email me at Debbie@gettingtoclarity.com and I’ll make sure you get the details!