By Debbie Peterson – Speaker, Trainer and Coach to the fed-up midlife woman looking to step onto her path to purpose – with Confidence and Clarity!

Sometimes it is just so difficult to keep your mind on the right track. You wake up feeling cranky, irritating things start happening like your coffee maker breaks, your husband can’t find his keys, the dog threw up on the carpet , and the outfit you want to wear for the big meeting for work today has a stain! It’s not even 7:00 am yet and it seems like your world is stacked against you.  You know you need to think positive just don’t know how. Have you ever had a morning like this? I know I have and plenty of them!

Here are some tips to get positivity back in your thinking and get you back on track:

  1. Take a breath. Literally, stop, close your eyes and take a deep breath – and then a few more. This deep abdominal breathing, called belly breathing, helps to reduce stress and provide you more mental clarity so you can decide the best way forward in whatever situation you are facing.
  2. Relinquish control. Know that you have no control over what already happened. It’s done and behind you and you have to decide how you are going to react to it. Ask yourself if there is something you can do differently the next time so you don’t repeat this experience.  Maybe it’s to examine the suit you were going to wear the night before or a “plan B” suit in your closet as a “feel good, go to” outfit.  Finding the pearl of wisdom in the event helps and move forward from where you are.
  3. What do you want instead? So you’ve got a bird’s eye view of what you don’t want, now ask yourself what you want instead. How do you want to feel? What is one step you take that will move you in that direction. Just one step?
  4. Imagine different perspectives. How can this be spun in any way to the positive? Think of as many ways as you can that what happened is actually good. No coffee, your girlfriend sent you a tea sampler for the holidays and you just haven’t gotten around to trying it and now you can. Maybe you found another outfit you like even better and that you feel great in! You might have really grown tired of that area rug and now you’ve got an excuse to get one you really like. Do you see the pattern? Spin it, Baby!
  5. Head outside. Take a couple moments to connect outside and break the pattern of negativity. Look at the sun, smell the rain, see the way the snow sparkles, watch the water in a lake, creek or ocean. Pay attention to what you see, hear, feel and smell. The connection to the elements outside is a great reset when things aren’t going according to plan!
  6. Journal it. Metaphorically empty your head and put it in your journal to be examined later. Let it all come out in its messy, unabridged glory so that you can focus on what you need to. If you’re pressed for time you can dictate a note on your phone or call and leave yourself a voicemail.
  7. Find what makes you laugh. I can’t help but shift my perspective when I watch “Laughing Kitty” or those cute little baby videos on Facebook and YouTube. Just don’t get sucked in that you’ve spent your morning “rehabbing” with the videos that it’s counterproductive.

What are some of your positive thinking tips? I’d love for you to share your pearls of wisdom below!

Until we “meet”, here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve! Be good to yourself.


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