How Your Mindset Affects Your Life for Women in Leadership

Aug 2, 2021 | Podcast

How Your Mindset Affects Your Life for Women in Leadership

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How your mindset affects your life for women in leadership

Mindset is the key to everything that you want to achieve in your leadership journey and life. And today, I’m going to make a case for why.

You have a conscious thinking mind and an unconscious or subconscious thinking mind. Your conscious thinking is the thoughts you are aware of. Your unconscious thinking is the thoughts you are not aware of. Your Mindset is your thinking habits with both of these minds.

But here’s the deal; 95 percent of your thinking is unconscious. That’s right, the majority of your thinking happens without you even knowing about it.

Right now, wherever you are, whether you’re sitting in your chair, at your office, or home, your mind is running your body. Meaning, you are breathing, your eyes are blinking, your heart is beating, and you don’t have to consciously remember to tell your body to make these things happen. It happens automatically. Your mind has so much power that it can heal your body.

And the thing is, what most people don’t realize and is where you have real influence in your leadership in life is with your Mindset. It is a powerful tool. If you give it the right instructions, it’s a powerful tool to achieve the goals and dreams you desire.

Discover how to influence your results with these strategies.

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