Clarity is a pretty ambiguous word, isn’t it? It means something different to everyone.

Clarity allows you to focus on certainty, it gives you confidence and makes you more efficient at making decisions. It gives you a detailed roadmap as to how you will achieve professional success; however, you define it. It gets you out of your own way.

Sounds pretty good, right?

Maybe not.

Here are three excellent reasons why you don’t want Clarity

What you thought you knew is gone

You might be working a plan…sometimes. You thought you knew what you had to do to get to where you want to be in your professional life even though you haven’t been making any progress. You’ll get there eventually, right? You think what you’re doing is good enough and someone is bound to recognize your efforts at some point, yes? This is a safe way of thinking. To get Clarity on who you are, what you want professionally, and how you’re going to get it means that you examine what’s not working and embrace that feedback. It means that you toss your excuses out the window along with much of what you thought was the way forward.

Not all your people are created equal

This statement is a big one to wrap your head around. Not all people are created equal FOR YOU. You’ve been friends with that energy vampire for such a long time. You go way back, and you don’t know how you would change or end the relationship even though she is sucking the life out of you. And that neighborly narcissist in the office to your right that you spend so much time with and it’s all about him, his ideas, his brilliance. You know the one, he talks over you and continuously one-ups you. To tie your purpose, passion, and potential to your profession you are willing to make difficult choices and be intentional about who you let into your inner circle. You can’t fly with the eagles if you’re hanging out with the chickens.

You’re not busy anymore

All those little things that you incorporated into your day that kept you so busy would be gone! I mean browsing social media, listening to colleague and co-worker rants, long lunches so you can listen to woes of your friend who refuses to change. How about playing “squirrel” and trying to find a nut in every direction or what the answer is to move you forward professionally. All that time you spend dipping your toe in the water but never really diving in and then you’re off to the next thing. To embrace the power of YOU and your inner wisdom you engage. You focus on what truly matters and eliminate what doesn’t. You spend your money and time in disciplined ways that move you forward and adjust accordingly. Notice, I said adjust, not abandon.

Clarity isn’t easy, but it’s yours. It’s personal. It’s whatever that means to you as long as you are willing to examine it, you seek people who will support you, and you engage in a way that has you taking consistent, focused action every day for more results than you ever dared to dream of.

What could you achieve professionally if you had more Clarity?

Here’s wishing you the Clarity you deserve.

Debbie Peterson is a Motivational Business Keynote Speaker, Mindset Strategist, and Coach. Explore that HERE.