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The Way Forward Mastery Program:

For Women and Emerging Leaders who want to go beyond Focused to create a successful career that leaves you fulfilled instead of frustrated.

If you’re a woman or emerging leader who wants to advance your career to the next level without sacrificing who you are or why you chose this career to begin with, then this is the mastery program for you. Debbie Peterson has helped thousands get clarity on their roadmap to career and over the course of 3 days she’ll guide you to create an in-depth roadmap with your own customized way forward.

Sometimes though, you know what you need to do, but just because you know it doesn’t mean you take action on it. In this program you’ll also discover your personal roadblocks, and what to do about them instead with tips, tools, and techniques that give you the clarity you deserve.

The Way Forward Live! Mastery Class:

Discover Your Customized Road Map to Career Success on YOUR Terms

Imagine what it’s like to know exactly what you want to do in your career that is satisfying and fulfilling.

Imagine that you have a plan that guides you to take consistent action so that you are motivated and creating momentum toward your career.

What would it feel like to know that you are surrounded by the right people to help you accelerate and amplify your results, to know that you don’t have to do it alone or figure it all out by yourself?

Get your vision of the way forward for you and enjoy career performance you never knew existed!

Have Any Questions? Reach Out to Debbie

Have Any Questions? Reach Out to Debbie

The Way Forward Self Study Course:

A complete course with 6 modules to help you discover what is next for you in your career. You’ll get decision making tools so that you are making the right choices, at the right time for you, as well as the newest goal planning frameworks that you’re taking consistent action every single day. Get the clarity you desire with the results you deserve and create the way forward for you!

Clients RAVE about Debbie…

Debbie presented to Working Women of Tampa Bay in March 2017. Our guests gave her rave reviews. Debbie has a great presentation style and her talk was packed with great tips for women wanting to increase their confidence in their communication skills. I highly recommend Debbie’s presentation for professional women’s groups.

—Jessica Rivelli
Founder of Working Women – The Fastest Growing Women’s Networking Group in Florida

I feel like there’s been a significant momentum shift in just the past week/week and a half. It’s nice to finally get back to a place where I feel excited about the work I’m doing and what lies ahead. Attending Debbie’s event was the best thing I’ve done in quite some time.

—Heather Sampson

Debbie Peterson gave a fantastic presentation to my group of young professionals at the Professional Development Committee of Emerging Leaders of Tampa Bay. Here insights and tidbits were invaluable to our group of up and coming leaders looking to better themselves in their professional lives. She was timely, professional, and great to work with. She would make a great speaker for an upcoming event. Thanks again, Debbie!

—Nico Hohman
Award Winning Residential & Commercial Real Estate Broker | Board Member | Public Speaker | Affordable Housing Advocate


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