What is your inner voice like?  Kind?  Supportive?  Or maybe something else?

What do you think about yourself?  Are you aware of what you say to yourself, think about yourself every day?

Are you your own best friend?  If not, why not?

As I pondered these questions, it started me thinking about how women overcome these obstacles and who they turn to.  Is it a best friend?  What do they provide?  Hmmm…  I know my best friend is much more kind than I tend to be with myself and she often brings another perspective.  I wanted to know from other women what they most desired in a best friend so naturally I created a video asking “What do you think makes a best friend?”  I was curious about the key qualities or characteristics women seek in the best friends that support them and I got some great information back! See the picture below.What_is_a_Best_Friend-

You see, it seems so many women can just heap negativity upon themselves.  In seeking perfection, the words we use when we talk to ourselves, having unrealistic expectations, comparing ourselves to others and on and on but, what if we could learn to be our OWN best friends?

Sure, we still need our gal pals and to cultivate those relationships that give us joy, camaraderie and memories, but what if we could do a little more to level ourselves out? Get us through the 3 am thought marathon (and why is it so much worse in the middle of the night?).

Change what we think to feel how we want.

What if by learning how to be your own BFF you become a better BFF to others by learning and sharing?

You absolutely can – because it’s already inside of you!  What would you add to the picture?

Leave me a comment below and tell me what is most important to you in a best friend.  How are you or how do you want to be supported?

Thank you for helping out and I wish you the clarity you deserve.  Have a great day!