WHY trust yourself? It sounds like a no-brainer but many of us don’t really…trust ourselves. Instead, we second guess, anguish over decisions, and disrespect the amazing internal wisdom we have inside. We’ve all done it and it’s not pleasant to experience this level of self-doubt. 

When we trust ourselves more, we open ourselves up to a new place where we can build more meaningful relationships with the who are important to us, both personally and professionally. We are more authentic in our actions and it’s easier to be who we are; no facades or the exhausting practice of pretending to be someone who we aren’t. When we trust ourselves it builds a new level of confidence in ourselves, our potential, and our influence in achieving what we want.

Sounds great, right? So, how do you do it? 

Here are 3 tips to help you start the process. 

Get to know yourself

Our society has taught us since we were little kids, that if we do something right according to someone else, we’ll be rewarded. If we do what our parents want, we get an allowance or some sort of special treat. If we do what the educational system wants, then we get good grades. If we do what our employer wants, then we get a good review and a raise. I’m not saying it’s bad, it just is. But where do we come into the equation? 

As little kids, it guides us through the process of gaining adulthood, but then we should take over, but many don’t. Making educated decisions about what serves us (or not) is our responsibility. But first, we have to know what that is. 

To get to know you requires that you get introspective and that requires a journal. If you have one, go grab it. Start with this question. What do you like or enjoy about any aspect of your life? Consider these 6 areas of life: Career, Spirituality, Relationships, Family, Health & Fitness, or your own Personal Development. Spend some time on each area and examine what you truly enjoy, what lifts you up, and is effortless? Conversely, what are the things or circumstances that drag you down? That’s great information to have! Be aware of your preferences, not anyone else’s. 

Get clear on your values

Your values are personal to you. They are how you know right from wrong. What is a fit and what isn’t? They are how you are motivated. They are also an important part of leading a life that is fulfilling to you, especially in your career. They are integral, inseparable, for you to trust yourself. But first, you have to know what they are. 

Consider the six areas of life in bold above. Ask yourself the question, In the context of (insert area of life) what is most important to be present? What must be present for me to be fulfilled? It’s usually a one or two-word answer. Or, if you have trouble you can Google “Career Values” or “Relationship Values.” Create a list and then prioritize that list to see what comes out on top. But, I want you to prioritize in a specific way. 

You can only compare two values to each other, no more. Whichever one comes out on top gets compared with the next one. Do this through your entire list, only comparing one value against another, to see which one is in the first place. Go through the list again, comparing only one value to each other value on the list to see which comes in second. Go through the list again and do the same process to see what comes in third, and so forth. Be quick. Whatever pops into your mind first is the correct answer. See! You’re already starting to trust yourself!

Get comfortable with feelings and embrace feedback

Pay attention to the feelings and feedback that you get. They are the neon signs that lead to better decisions and more trust in ourselves. But first, we have to be willing to pay attention, and sometimes that can be pretty uncomfortable.

When you’re feeling off because of something, it’s for a reason. Pay attention and explore the reason why. Those flags are usually because you are about to move away from your authentic self. 

I hope that these tips will help you to start building the trust in yourself that you deserve! There is nothing that needs to be “fixed” within you. It’s about starting the process of discovering yourself, trusting your amazing internal wisdom, and rising into the woman you are meant to be. 

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