How to Speak Up for Yourself at Work

Aug 17, 2022 | Podcast

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How to Speak Up for Yourself at Work

Little kids are so great at announcing to the world what it is that they want. So good, in fact, that we are continually telling them to use their “inside voice.” However, somewhere after our stint as a toddler, we start to lose our voice; not that we can’t speak, but that we don’t. We start becoming silent about what we want and what’s right for us. We don’t ask for what we want because we don’t want to come across as selfish or full of ourselves. We don’t want to sound stupid or get rejected. There are numerous reasons.

As a woman in business, that’s a huge mistake.

The days of being a hard worker and putting in your time and efforts in the hopes that you’ll be recognized and get a promotion, position, training, or recommendation are gone. You have to be an advocate for yourself. You need to be able to speak up and ASK for what you want. Tune in here and find out what to do instead.

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