I’m giving Covey the nod for this story (although he merely used it as an example) because that is where I first heard it and was motivated to absorb this lesson into my life. photo (7)How many of you have heard the story about the professor conducting the experiment with the glass jar, large rocks, small stones, sand and water? You can Google “jar of stones” and come up with several versions of it but the point is it is a great life lesson and one I’m incorporating into Christmas this year.

The first thing I did was set my intention.  I asked “What is the experience of Christmas that I desire?”

One of the biggest parts or “rocks” for me is spending time with family and friends.  It is being able to see them and be in their company during the holidays because it is their presence in my life that is meaningful.  Because it is important it gets scheduled.  There are so many events happen at Christmastime!

Next to the “stones” in my jar of Christmas.  Décor.  I love decorating my house for the holidays and the tree is the most important!  I love getting up early in the morning before the rest of the house is awake and spending time in front of the lit tree.  I meditate, have my coffee, set my intention for the day and most often just feel gratitude. Actually, if I’m applying the “jar of stones” to décor the tree is the “rock” if you follow me.  After the tree, the next important thing was the fireplace mantle.  After the mantle it was a sprinkling of Christmas décor throughout the house.  Each time, I chose what was most important to my experience, then what was the next most important, etc.

The “sand” of my Christmas experience would be the cookies.  Cooking is how I show my love but this year I applied the lesson of the jar of stones to this.  In years past I have baked more cookies than everyone I know could possibly consume in the weeks that constitute the holiday season and gave them away.  This year I started with my husband and asked him to pick one cookie he enjoys, then my son and then I picked one and you know what?  It’s enough.  Besides, my sister baked like a fiend (because it’s important to her) and I’ll borrow some of hers to fill out the Christmas Eve tray.

The “water” is the rest – the shopping, the cards, the wrapping, etc.  I fit it in where I can and in the way that is the easiest for me.  I do a lot of internet shopping these days and when I do go out, I go with someone that I enjoy spending time with.  I sent cards, but I didn’t send as many.  I wrap the presents but it’s no longer a “Martha Stewart Challenge”.

My Christmas jar is full and this year it just feels right.  How did you choose to fill your Christmas jar?  Leave me a comment below and let me know what felt right for you.

Be good to yourself,