Busyness is a Trap and Here’s How It’s Holding You Back

Dec 14, 2021 | Podcast


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Busyness is a Trap and Here’s How It’s Holding You Back

Busyness, which can be a high in the short term, is actually working against us in the long term. Busyness blurs the lines of work and home and throws our boundaries right out the window. It steals our joy because we focus on how much we have to do and our internal competitive drive to get the most done every day. If left unchecked, busyness will evaporate any sense of purpose you may have about your work and the life you live because you can’t allow yourself time to focus on it.

It can leave you stressed out, burned out, and completely overwhelmed. And, if you consider busyness a badge of honor, you might be creating a busy but meager existence because there’s no room or time for anything that means something to you.

Tune in here to find out what the signs are and what you can do about them!

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