I know you’ve been there too…A list a mile long of things to do. Each meeting, email, phone call or text adds something else to your list. You are swamped! Maybe you’re not feeling 100%.You’ve got person after person chirping in your ear, each wanting something from you.  Can you relate? All those voices, but are you listening to the MOST important one?

You’d be thinking that I’m talking about yours, and you would be partially right but I’m not talking about the voice that comes out of your mouth. I’m talking about the one that comes from inside, your gut, your intuition.

You have this beautiful, glorious unconscious mind that runs your body. It beats your heart, makes you breathe, blinks your eyes, heals your body and you don’t have to think about a thing to have all these miraculous feats happen. It just does. Talk about talent and power! That’s the origin of your MOST important voice. Here’s WHY you should listen to it!

  1. This superpower wants to guide you. It knows how to get you exactly what you want and will tell you the steps to take if you will listen. It has the perfect blueprint to reach your goals but you have to be willing to pay attention to it. (i.e. think of opening the refrigerator to get some fruit when you all of the sudden spy cheese dip or chocolate mousse. Tell me you don’t hear a voice…)
  2. It generates feelings and emotions. You feel things mentally and physically, to help you pay attention to where you are. When you start feeling overwhelmed or anxious and you experience the stress in your body (shoulders, back, and headache, etc.) it’s trying to tell you something. You’re off course. You aren’t focusing on what you want.
  3. It gives you lessons. So let’s think about something really BIG you learned in your life; learning to drive for example. There were several things you had to learn in order to get to the point where you could dash out of the house, keys in hand and hop in the car to run errands. You had to learn how to operate the car, the rules of the road, how to park, how to back up, etc. Each of these HAD to be learned before you got to the goal of driving the car. It’s the same thing with goals, dreams and aspirations that we have in life. Your Unconscious knows how to get there and gives you life lessons so you learn what has to be in place before, and in order to get your goal – BUT you have to listen and implement.
  4. It protects you. Ever get a gut feeling? Something “creeped you out”? Yep – that’s your MOST important voice again, working to keep you safe.

Some of the ways that I allow my MOST important voice to be heard is to meditate, sit quietly, be outside and paying attention to nature, dreams and just plain listening and acting on what it has to say. It’s all about you, after all, so however you allow your MOST important voice to be heard is just perfect!

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