You are at the time of the year when you need to stop and look back, and here’s why it’s important.

​​When you drive your car, it’s a mix of looking forward through the windshield, checking your side mirrors, and looking at your rearview mirror. All are necessary to operate your car safely. Your career and life are no different. That keeps you out of the ditch or at least from hitting anyone else!

You have to look back to move forward.

You have to know where you’ve been so that you can understand how you’ll get to where you want to go. Just like a GPS, you have to have a starting place and an end in mind. 

During the year, certain periods are “resets” to adjust my roadmap of where I’m headed in my life and business, with the biggest reset being the new year.

But, right now, the holidays are coming. Before you get caught up in the shopping, wrapping, and decorating (although I’ve had my decorations up for weeks!), I want to plant some seeds about this past year and how it can be a platform for you to move into the new year at a new level. 

Especially this year, agreed?

So, let’s start with the year that was. For some, 2020 was a blessing, for others a big ‘ole curse. Regardless of how you think about 2020, I want you to look at both sides, and here is a question you’ll want to consider fully. 

What did you accomplish in 2020?

Make a list. And, not just three items, go for 20. Stretch your brain and think of all of the things that you made happen this year. Because you did, in some areas of your life, even if it wasn’t your career, you made things happen. 

Did you adapt to working from home? Did you take on virtual learning for your children? How about completing a project at work? What about managing your team remotely? Keeping your family connected? Maybe it was all of this plus working full time!

Maybe you published a book, wrote a song, landed a promotion. Perhaps your client base increased or revenues grew. What are the things you accomplished?

For me, my entire business changed this year. Although the beginning of COVID was uncertain, that space in my business allowed me to create client coaching offerings that I can deliver virtually. Each course, mastermind, and retreat are on my list of accomplishments. But so is the time I spent with my family, staying connected virtually with friends, and

Now, your turn. Dig in and actively seek out all of the things you accomplished and make your list. Write down as many items as you can think of. It’s quantity over quality, and there’s nothing too small.

You need to celebrate this because, as women, we don’t do this enough. And, especially as high-achieving women who get stuff done, we don’t stop and acknowledge what we’ve accomplished; we look for the next thing to do. 

It’s important to celebrate our successes. It helps us to build confidence in ourselves and our abilities. When we see, I mean actually view on a list, what we have achieved, it increases our motivation. It shifts how we think about ourselves, and that gets radiated out to inspire others! It’s contagious but in a good way!

Follow along in December, and I’ll be sharing more tips, tools, and techniques to move you into 2021 with your own clarity and focus! Be sure to find me on social media and let me know what you’re celebrating so I can celebrate with you!

Until next time, here’s wishing you the clarity (and celebrating you deserve)!