It’s been a crazy fall so far, full of activities! I believe it is so important for women to help other women and I pitch in and support whenever I can and have an absolute ball doing it!

It can also be tough when you’re in a room of high powered women, connecting and getting things done and many women don’t show up to their fullest potential.

I’ve heard from women again and again that they don’t know if “they belong there” or if they have “anything to contribute.” Of course you do! You are put on this earth for a reason. You have gifts and your’re meant to share them. By not sharing them you are not only depriving yourself of living your true potential but you may also be depriving the ONE person who most needs it.

So are you showing up to your fullest potential when you attend an event, at your job, or in life in general? If not, why not?

Is it what others may think that has the ability to “dim your light”?

“Don’t let someone dim your light just because it’s shining in their eyes!”

I’m always looking for inspiration for you because sometimes it’s a kind or encouraging word that can shift your day or get you unstuck. Sometimes I see something and it’s almost as if it was written just for me because it’s just what I need at the time.

When I came across the quote above, it made me ask the question “Why do we care so much what other people think?”

I do that sometimes, do you? What is it about the opinions of others or even the thought of what someone might say, and its ability to stop you in your tracks? Why does what they say matter? Why do we let it?

Here are 7 Tips to Help You Not Care What Other People Think

  1. Enjoy the Freedom. Humans are community minded. You’re meant to be connected with the rest of humanity but every once in a while you’re due for a quick disconnect especially when you are limiting your power, your ability, your potential because of what someone else might think. There is a certain freedom and lightness, a feeling that comes from within when you can do this.
  2. It’s all in your head – Really! Your reality, what you experience outside of you, is created in your head with filters that are developed from your beliefs, values, experiences, memories, etc. To care about what someone else thinks about you isn’t even relevant because their opinion is formed in their own reality and because of their own filters – meaning it’s their stuff!
  3. Be the Straw. When someone has an opinion that sets you back, you just need to be the straw! When you drink through a straw all of the drink “passes right through the straw” – there is nothing left inside of the straw when you are done, right? So if you ARE the straw then whatever their opinion is passes right through you as well. It doesn’t belong to you so don’t let it stick.
  4. Don’t dim your light because it’s shining in their eyes. You are here on this Earth for a reason. You have a purpose – you may have discovered it already, you may not. Keep moving toward what brings you happiness, what makes you feel lighter and share your gifts. By sharing your gifts you never know who you will help and who else you will encourage to stand in their own power too.
  5. Who is your tribe? These are the people who have your back, they get you, and they support you. I’m a BIG proponent of the tribe and if you don’t have one, start building one. Your tribe shares feedback with you while keeping your best interests in mind. These are the people you choose to value their opinion. This is where I go to get advice AND sometimes you still have to go with what you are feeling, even if it’s not what the tribe is advising. See number 6 below.
  6. Trust your gut. You have to trust your gut, that inner voice, your intuition, your inner wisdom. It’s speaking for a reason, listen to it. As long as you are making decisions that are aligned with what is most important to YOU, you’re confident of your decision and it’s ecological (good for self, good for others, good for planet) – it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It’s all about you.
  7. Stretch. You have to stretch as a person. You have to get out of your comfort zone. If there is something you want, a goal you’ve declared, a desire for more, you’ve got to be willing to get uncomfortable. It was really a stretch for me to get out “in front” and share my gifts and promote my business but it’s been worth every uncomfortable second I’ve experienced because I know I’m helping women to discover their own potential and for me that’s what it’s all about, what makes my little toes tap, what makes my heart go pitter patter. It’s so worth it!

Which one do you most need to work on? Pick one and start there. When you’ve got it down, incorporate another and most importantly, remember this is a process. It’s not a “one and done”. These are tools you can pull out when the need strikes.

If you’d like a little reinforcement in creating new habits utilizing tools like these click HERE for your FREE Getting to Clarity Session.

Until next time, here’s wishing you the Clarity you deserve!