I recently had  BIG  Birthday and I was blessed to be surrounded by friends and family to celebrate! 

It hardly seems possible that so much time has passed and it caused me to look back at my life a bit. I am so grateful to have had the experiences I have had to this point – and many more to come. I know that it all has shaped me into the person I am and has given me the confidence to do what I do for women who are stuck in career or life – help them find their own inner brilliance and start living their Next Chapter on their terms. 

I wanted to give something to YOU as I celebrated as well and in my reflection have compiled the 50 pearls of wisdom that have come to me in the 50 years I’ve been around to learn them.

Some were much harder than others to learn…Some required repeated learning and some came with the 2 x 4 because I just wasn’t getting it. Ouch!! Believe me it is much easier and less stressful to learn your lessons earlier than later in the process!

I hope these 50 Life Lessons (or Pearls of Wisdom) may serve you in your journey as well:

  1. Only what is missing in any situation can you put into it. (i.e. If you want more respect, show more respect to others)
  2. There is always a woman where you’re at, reach out and ask for help. When you’ve been there, lend a hand and help out.
  3. Energy flows where the attention goes (what you put your attention on grows).
  4. It WILL look different in the morning.
  5. You’ve got to “Name it to Claim it!” – know what you want in each and every situation.
  6. Friends DO come into your life for a REASON, SEASON or LIFETIME.  Cherish each of them.
  7. You already have exactly what you need inside of you to do exactly what you want – discover it!
  8. It’s not meant to be dealt with alone.
  9. You need to SHARE your stories. You never know who they will inspire or comfort.
  10. Be ok with being a Bitch sometimes.
  11. Their attitude isn’t your worry.
  12. Mistakes are a VERY good thing.
  13. Always ask, the Universe will provide (but not if you don’t open your mouth)
  14. Be open to HOW it happens.
  15. Say it the way you want it – EXACTLY the way you want it.
  16. Make everyone feel welcome.
  17. Tell more people what your passion is and how you want to serve. The more ears that listen, the more mouths that can share.
  18. Help others get what they want and you will get what you want in spades.
  19. You’re not the only one this has happened to, even though you might think so.
  20. Women need to help other women – the Pie IS big enough.
  21. Words can be weapons – choose them wisely.
  22. If you can’t say it without hurting someone then it isn’t the right time or you haven’t found the right way to say it.
  23. True friends don’t mind time passing – they’re still there as if it hasn’t.
  24. Say No and “zip it”!
  25. People are precious – treat them as such.
  26. Say good-bye to someone, always with love and affection. Say hello after they return with even more.
  27. Cherish your inner wisdom.
  28. Where there is a will, there is a way – always be on the search for options!
  29. You are much stronger than you think you are.
  30. Some people are examples of who you can be.  Some people are examples of who you shouldn’t be – Know the difference.
  31. Make friends (the best of friends) with your intuition, gut, inner cheerleader – listen when she talks.
  32. Take the chance – it will work out better than you think.
  33. It’s OK if someone doesn’t like you – it just makes more room for those who will appreciate you for who you are.
  34. Emotions are meant to be expressed not repressed.
  35. Remember to keep a piece of yourself in everything you do.
  36. It’s happening for a reason – learn from it what will make you a better person.
  37. Life happens FOR you, not TO you – know the difference.
  38. Move towards what makes you feel lighter.
  39. Practice FORGIVENESS – You’re the one who will benefit.
  40. An honest, consistent Gratitude practice WILL shift your outlook.
  41. Don’t forget to DREAM as an adult.
  42. Have the greatest amount of COMPASSION for yourself.
  43. Everyone has CREATIVITY – find out where yours lies. (This took years for me!)
  44. Know that you are responsible for the lens through which you see YOUR world.
  45. Release your BAGGAGE. YOUR negative emotions which you have hauled around for years only serve to weigh you down. Learn from it and move on.
  46. Truly, all good things are just outside of your comfort zone.
  47. Not everyone deserves a place in your life.
  48. The phrases “suck it up”, “power through this”, and others that are similar will not lead to your well-being.
  49. Most times it’s enough to just  listen – you don’t have to try and fix every problem that comes about. Being there for a friend is one of the greatest joys on earth.
  50. You are so much more SPECIAL than you think you are and 50 feels just GREAT!

Let me now which ones “spoke” to you by leaving a comment below. Until next time, here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve!


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