It’s hard to believe it’s January already and that 2016 is just getting started! A lot goes on around the holiday time and it’s a period of transition. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years with family and friends and I hope you did as well!

Now that haze of holiday busyness has passed and we’re back to work, my question for you is, what are you working towards? What is it that you want for yourself in 2016 in your career or life? It’s not too late to start and get the FOCUS that will carry you towards what you desire in 2016!

Here are 5 Tips to give YOU greater clarity in YOUR goals!

Sometimes I’ll jot down something that I’m looking for in my life. Sometimes I’ll find a picture. But when it comes to creating success for my business in 2016 it takes a little more than that to create the focus necessary and achieve what I want.

Goals are a bit of an art and science and I want to give you some tips on how to “amp up their power” in your career or life. Even if you’ve already created your goals for 2016 you can enhance them with these tips. Enjoy!

1.  Write it down. We tend to hold things in our heads but there is so much up there that goals and visions can shift. When you take the pen and put it to paper you not only get out of your own head and get clarity about exactly what you want, it also (energetically) means more when you write it down. It’s like the Universe says “She’s serious!”

2.  Make it more than a paragraph. I get the whole theory that you need to have something that you can easily recall or something short enough that it will fit on an index card that you can carry it around with you. I think that’s a great idea and that should only happen AFTER you have written the details of everything that is part of your goal. You should have it detailed enough that someone else could read your written goal and know EXACTLY what you are looking for.

3.  Consider how it affects other areas of your life.  When I started my business I sat down and had a conversation with my husband because I knew the time and energy it would take to build it. Creating my business would affect every other area of my life and I had to be aware of that going in. The same goes for your Big Beautiful Audacious Goals! They take time and energy to create and you need to be aware of how it will affect your job, marriage, health or even friendships.

4.  What are your obstacles? When creating your goals you also need to consider all the obstacles you will encounter (to the best of your knowledge) and have a plan to address them incorporated into the goal. It helps you to think ahead and be prepared.

5.  State your goals in the positive. What you say, what you think, and what you write is what you’re going to focus on and look for. The problem is the unconscious mind doesn’t process negatives; words like “don’t” and “not”. If I say to you “Don’t think of a blue tree”you just did – you can’t help it because I brought it into your awareness even though I said don’t. If your goals are all about what you don’t want (I don’t want to be overweight, I don’t want to be stuck in this job forever, etc.) you have to turn the thoughts, the language and the goal around so it is stated positively. So what do you want instead?

I hope these tips will help you to refine your goals and bring greater clarity about what you are looking for in 2016. Join me for the FREE webinar and learn even more techniques to punch up YOUR power! Click HERE to register. There’s a replay too!

Until next time, here’s wishing you the clarity you deserve!