1. Get out of it! If all you’re going to do is all you’ve ever done then how do you expect to grow as a person? You have to be willing to go for new and different even if it seems scary, which leads me to point number 2.comfort-zone-4
  2. Go for new and scary. There are two kinds of scary, however, the first being creepy scary, like “oh, please don’t let me get caught” or generally something you really don’t feel good about doing that might tread on your boundaries. The second is the good kind of scary; the one if you make it through this to the end you’ll really feel like you’ve accomplished something. Go for the latter and you go girl!
  3. Discover your pattern. What I mean is that we usually employ some sort of pattern or strategy when dealing with things that we encounter on a regular basis. For instance when you are faced with doing something outside our comfort zone how do you normally get through it? Have you thought about it? What have you faced and come through to the other side that was good but uncomfortable? Did you enlist others? Justpower through? Sometimes you just have to do it scared. That’s me – doing it scared and then all of the sudden, I’m not. When you can recognize how you handle things its easier knowing the “scary” is just one step and you’ll get to the other side.
  4. Make mistakes. That’s right I said make mistakes! Here’s the top reasons to embrace mistakes:
    1. It means that you are moving towards something. You are taking action! Atta girl!
    2. It’s feedback. There is no failure, only feedback. If you’re making mistakes then you have the opportunity to learn and do it better the next time (ornot at all if it’s one of those particularly painful lessons) because mistakes are meant for learning not repeating.
    3. A Mistake is merely a decision that doesn’t serve you well. You get to make another decision!
  5. Don’t take it personally. Believe me, I’ve lived the life of everything and everyone being my responsibility and it’s exhausting! Not to mention it can lead to stress, overwhelm, anxiety and probably some little tablets to help take the edge off and I’ve experienced each of them. It’s your reality and it’s created inside your head – no, really, it is. The next time you doubt yourself or think about making any other decision other than what your gut tells you because of what someone else might think, think again. Anyone else’s opinion is formed because of their own reality or belief system and unless you can crawl inside their head and know for sure, cut yourself some slack and just do it.

Have fun getting outside of your comfort zone and keep me posted on how it goes.If there is something that you’d like me to answer in a future blog post, feel free to email me at debbie@gettingtoclarity.com.

Be good to yourself,