How many of you feel out of sorts? How about like you may be missing something but not sure what? How about being unsure what you were put on this earth to do? Well I’d like to share with you the definition of living “ALOHA” which is part of my Huna workshop that I participate in each year in Hawaii.

Huna is what I do for myself to keep my life and energy in harmony; to really uncover who I am and what my path or purpose is. It is the most rejuvenating experience I have that is just for me – and now I’d like to share some with you.

Aloha in Hawaii can be “hello” or “goodbye”.  The aloha I want to share with you here is neither but rather a guide as to how to live your life with a deeper meaning.  The acronym stands for the following:

A – “Ala” or “Ao”:  This means you are alert, you are aware of your surroundings, present in where you are. When you travel, take a moment to connect with the new city instead of trailing through the airport and your cab ride texting.  You are also watchful.  Everything you say and do puts energy out there and creates a result. When you put an intention out you have to “watch” for the opportunity.  If you continually pass up the opportunity you are cancelling out your intention and essentially saying you don’t want it. Take action! The more you follow through, the more powerful your words and intentions become. An example of this would be that when I travel to Hawaii I take some time when I get there to experience it; I gaze at the Volcano in the distance, I experience the climate and wildlife – and then I get to work. I connect first. It also means that when I say I want something, a goal, for me or my business that I take advantage of the opportunity when it presents

itself even if I have to step out of my comfort zone to do it.  I’m taking action and grateful to the Universe for providing it because what you put out is what you get back.

L – “Lokahi”: Working with unity which means externally with people and internally with your gut instincts.  Let’s take external first.  Family, relationships, community – are you connected with those around you? Are you connected with your surroundings?  Are you aligned with those relationships or your surroundings?  If something is “off” have you addressed; it are you at cause or responsible for it?  Is what you are doing ecological (good for self, good for others, good for planet)? For instance, if you have a relationship that isn’t functioning well, have you talked to them about it? Are you enforcing your boundaries? Are you releasing your negative emotions around it so you are not bringing the same baggage to the table time after time? Are you practicing forgiveness?

Internally, this means you are aligned with your Unconscious Mind (your gut) and your Higher Self (that which connects you to Source). It means you are aligned Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Physically and have dealt with your baggage (negative emotions). For instance, you pick your path that resonates with you and you live it. If your gut is saying “yes” and your heart is saying “yes” and your head is saying “oh hell no” and you let your head override then you’ve actually let your baggage, usually fear, have the power – not you.

O – “Oia’”, “I’o”: Truth or Truthful. A white lie is still a lie. If you allow a lie in one area of your life then you make it easier for it to occur in others. Are you being truthful with others? Are you being truthful with yourself? Truthful also doesn’t give you permission to be a jerk and you need to pick the right time to share something and share it from the heart.  If you’re afraid of being truthful and hurting someone’s feelings then you just haven’t found the right way to phrase it. Truthfulness also has to come with permission. My husband and I communicate easily and on occasion I have asked him if he wants my opinion and he has answered no.  I have to respect that and I kept my opinion to myself. Do you face the things you need to in your life? Anytime you “call” other people on their stuff, it’s actually work that you need to do on yourself; it’s your projection. For example, I’m telling someone that they are too angry and they need to do something about it then

perhaps I have a little anger within me that needs addressing.  What you see in your world is a direct result of what you hold in your head, your thoughts.

H – “Ha’a Ha’a”:  Humbleness and Humility.  These balance your understanding of the truth. What is true for you may not be true for someone else and the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know.  There is always more to learn. Your “light” is not any brighter than anyone else’s. It’s knowing who you are without having to announce it.

A – “Aho Nui”:  Patient perseverance. Life is an aim, not an end. You take one step at a time and celebrate each step while having trust and patience on your path. To have patience on the path means you have to pick a path and more than likely you already have. The grass is always greener on another path because you have stopped on yours. You’ll never make progress on your purpose skipping from one path to another just because it got hard. Find harmony with your path and take action. You can’t wait for the “perfect” moment because if “waiting” is what you are showing the Universe, then the Universe will give you “waiting”.  Every day you have to do something that puts one foot forward.  Patience doesn’t mean sitting on your behind and letting opportunities go by. Also know that some things take time on the physical realm to manifest.  It’s a lifelong journey – cultivate it!

Sometimes it’s not realistic to embrace all of this at once.  I encourage you to start with the one area you struggle with the most before moving onto another.

Mahalo (Thank You) for allowing me to share with you and if I can be of service to you or someone you know please feel free to email me at

Be well,


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