Recently I had one of my most FAVORITE weekends of the year! Girls Camp Weekend. Our Motto is “No Husbands, No Kids, No Dogs…” Every year we travel to a camp and just check out for the weekend. This year we got caught up around the camp fire, we shared stories around the dinner table, we hiked a beautiful depository of glacier rocks and cackled loud and proud at our winery visit!

I worked extra hard to have as much ready to go before this weekend so I could check out too. For me having a periodic disconnect leaves me in a better place and this year it was extra beneficial because I had myself in quite a “funk” before I left.

I want to share with you how I get myself out of a funk when it happens because it happens to all of us. Know that relief may not be immediate but by digging deeper and challenging what you think you know will lead you out of it eventually. Enjoy and trust the process.
So have YOU ever had a day where you wake up and it just seems like your head is pointed in the wrong direction? You’re going down that slippery slope and you’re headed for a genuine funk.

Some things in your life are shifting a bit and you’re not sure what’s going to happen.

A project you’ve been working on isn’t going the way you wanted it to at all!

You feel that friends, family or co-workers “aren’t living up to their end of the bargain.” You feel ignored or taken advantage of.

Nothing is going right! Nothing!

You feel neglected, taken advantage of, like what you do doesn’t matter and your mind is happily going down that path, finding more and more instances to support you feeling that way. You discover your head is in the weeds but you can’t figure out how to get out of this funk!

Here’s the very FIRST thing you should do – congratulate yourself! (Did you think I was going to say get a glass of wine?)

Recognizing that you are thinking this way and that it makes you feel worse is a true victory because only with awareness can you make a change and decide to feel differently. This is literally the biggest part of turning yourself around!

Ok great, you realize you’re beating yourself up and heaping on examples of exactly why you should feel this way but that still doesn’t make you feel any better. So now what?

Dig a little deeper.

Sure it’s easier to stay where you are because you don’t have to expend any effort and right now you are just tired – tired of feeling this way, tired of people treating you this way and tired of things going wrong.

Change requires an effort and in this instance we’re going to make a small one by asking 2 questions:

1. How do you know?
2. What would happen if?

If things are shifting in your life and you’re anxious about it, how do you know that with the shift it can’t be better?

What really would happen if the project goes wrong? What is the worst case scenario?

Are family, friends and co-workers really slacking? How specifically do you know?

A lot of times when you feel this way it’s pretty vague. You just know what you know but you never challenge it. You never dig any deeper and see there may be another explanation or another alternative that would actually benefit you.

Change is scary sometimes and when things aren’t going the way you want it can actually end up better. This has happened in the past for you but that memory tends to be short term, right? There is no one absolute way for anything to happen. It will happen the way it’s meant to and that will be the best way for you. Trust the process.

Sometimes when you are so afraid of something going wrong you just have to ask what would happen if it did? You would handle it, just like you always do. You would get through it, just like you always have because that’s the kind of woman you are.

You are so much more than you think you are and it’s time you start reminding yourself of that fact.

You’ve got this! Trust yourself, trust the process and by digging deeper take back your power from the funk…It doesn’t deserve it anyway.

Be good to yourself,


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