Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Effective?

Dec 29, 2023 | Podcast

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Are Your New Year’s Resolutions Effective?

As we approach the end of the year, many professionals and emerging leaders begin to think about New Year’s resolutions. It’s a tradition that’s both celebrated and often met with skepticism. You might wonder whether setting New Year resolutions is effective for personal and professional growth.

Understanding New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions are commitments we make at the start of a new year to achieve specific goals or make changes in our lives. These resolutions often stem from a desire for personal improvement, whether it’s related to health, career, or personal relationships. In a professional context, leaders might set resolutions (or maybe you label their goals in the professional environment) to enhance their leadership skills, improve team performance, or achieve certain business milestones.

The Pitfalls of New Year Resolutions

While the intent behind New Year resolutions is positive, they often go awry. One key reason is the mindset with which these resolutions are approached. Resolutions are frequently made in a burst of enthusiasm and optimism, without a realistic plan or consideration of the challenges you might encounter. This leads to overly ambitious goals that can quickly become overwhelming.

For instance, a leader might resolve to read one leadership book each week for the year without considering the practical steps needed to achieve this goal. Such a resolution, even though it is specific, lacks clarity and can lead to frustration and disappointment. It’s essential to remember that achieving something different requires you to DO something different.

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