Alanah Phillips: Breaking Up with Your Broker-Dealers

Dec 30, 2021 | Podcast

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Alanah Phillips: Breaking Up with Your Broker-Dealers

Alanah Phillips has a mission to change the face of financial services. She has spearheaded the hiring, coaching and development of the next generation of advisors through Lincoln’s Advisor Training Program. She has also worked as a consultant to advisor teams to leverage these new planners to increase productivity, the client experience, and profitable growth. In 2017, she launched a program called Project Inspire to specifically inspire and educate young women about careers in financial services. Through this project, she is able to spend time mentoring college-aged ladies about their professional development and financial literacy and empower them to take control of their career trajectory.

Today she works with experienced advisors in the West Coast and helps them identify reasons it might be time to break up with their broker-dealer. She takes them through a ‘Breakup Process’ and connects them to resources to help them build a successful, independent financial planning practice. She is a LinkedIn ninja, a lover of interesting people, and an avid reader.

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