Professional VIP Day

One Day, All About You

With Career Growth Strategist & Mentor, Debbie Peterson of Getting to Clarity 

If you’re ready to take a HUGE step towards correcting what hasn’t been working in your career…and well, maybe life, then partner with Debbie for a FULL day of uninterrupted, customized, focused coaching that could literally change everything!

  • Do you feel like you’re sacrificing the rest of your life, your health and relationships for a successful career?
  • Maybe, what was important, isn’t any longer and you’re ready to pivot.

You’re probably at the point of knowing that something has to give because of the impact it is having on you and those close to you.

But what is “it”? What exactly has to give?

You do.

If you’re going to create a career that is aligned with who you are, is what you want to do, and is fulfilling, focused, and financially stable, then now more than ever it’s the time to create career success on YOUR terms without losing who you are in the process.

And, believe me, I get it…because I was there too. At one point in my corporate career, I was so stuck, frustrated, and miserable, feeling disconnected from everything and everyone I once loved and enjoyed. It was like living in glass jar with a lid, I could see out of it, but I couldn’t access anything. It was almost 2 years of feeling nothing but self-doubt and anxiety because I wasn’t happy or satisfied with what appeared to others to be a great career, and I couldn’t figure my way out.


But then I discovered that I was the one who was the most in my own way. I also discovered that I had the tools to not only get back to feeling like my old self, but to create a satisfying and successful career (and life) by my design, and not by default.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

So, if you finally want to…

  • Uncover new, bigger professional opportunities that you have never considered before?
  • Stop playing small and stepped into your fullest potential?
  • Achieve more without sacrificing your lifestyle, health, or relationships?
  • Quit being pulled in multiple directions, and focused on YOUR Way Forward?

Great! Then let’s take a deep dive into what is possible for you to create without distractions so that you can unburden yourself from the obstacles that keep you stuck and gain clarity about your way forward. Let’s map out together how to create a career (…and life) by design and not be default and focus on a way forward that is meaningful to you.


  • 3 Days, one on one, devoted to you and creating the roadmap to career and life success on your
  • A deep dive breakthrough session to clearly identify obstacles that are holding you back
  • A 90-day strategic roadmap, clearly identifying the exact next steps to take.
  • A decision making framework customized for you to eliminate confusing career challenges.
  • Two (2) sixty minute follow up sessions to clear up any questions that come up after our session.

One laser-focused day with Debbie can get you multiple steps closer to the happier career and life you deserve, which otherwise would have taken months of coaching!




  • Single payment Discount: $6,000 due at registration
  • Two payments: $3,250 upon registration and $3,250 paid 24 hours prior to meeting

All sessions are done in virtually. If permitted sessions can be done in person and costs do not include travel expenses. If travel is required, travel expenses must be prepaid and included in the first payment if the two payment option is desired.

This program is only for the woman who is truly dedicated to taking a huge step forward towards the happiness she deserves in her career and life.

Now, more than ever is the time for you to get really clear on what you want to achieve and leave with the plan to achieve it! By the time you complete this program, you’ll have greater clarity around who you are and how to create a successful career that doesn’t compete with how you want to live.

You’ll experience what it’s like to now be free to move forward without overwhelm so that you can easily create high-level momentum for professional and personal success in a way that’s aligned with you.

Be good to yourself,


P.S. Please click only if you are committed to creating a career and life that aligns with who you are meant to BE.

Single Payment Option:

2 Payment Option:
$3,250 each payment

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