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There are two key elements to creating a career that feels successful to you.

1. Having a job that suits your preferences, talents, and skills and

2. Having an experience of performing that role in a way that is fulfilling to YOU.

Sounds straightforward, right?

But what does that really mean…to YOU?

As a busy professional who is always juggling every area of your life, to get it all done, to keep all the balls in the air, it can be a challenge to figure out.

It seems that to have success in our careers, it’s has to be a sacrifice to someone or something else. The more effort you put into advancing in your career, the less time you have for the other things that are truly important to you like your family and friends.

Sometimes, it’s sacrificing ourselves to get ahead in our careers. We sacrifice our health, and our relationships, just to have security.

 But we tell ourselves that it’s worth the tradeoff, that we have a plan, and it’s only going to take some sacrifice, and only for a while, and that’s ok to get ahead. Until, we discover that there’s no end in sight and we don’t like where we are and have no idea where we want to go.

You’re probably at the point of knowing that something has to give because of the impact it is having on you and those close to you.

But what is “it”? What exactly has to give?

You do.

If you’re going to create a career that is aligned with who you are, is what you want to do, and is fulfilling, focused, and financially stable, then now more than ever it’s the time to create career success on YOUR terms without losing who you are in the process. 

Hi! I’m Debbie Peterson, Leadership & Career Coach, and Founder of The Way Forward in YOUR Leadership & Life.

My superpower is helping women in leadership and emerging leaders like you to create a roadmap to your ideal next level, or even next chapter, of your leadership & life by giving you the tools and the clarity to achieve it.

And, believe me, I get it…because I was there too.

At one point in my corporate career, I was so stuck, frustrated, and miserable, feeling disconnected from everything and everyone I once loved and enjoyed.

It was like living in glass jar with a lid, I could see out of it, but I couldn’t access anything.

It was almost 2 years of feeling nothing but self-doubt and anxiety because I wasn’t happy or satisfied with what appeared to others to be a great career, and I couldn’t figure my way out.

….But then I discovered that I was the one who was the most in my own way. I also discovered that I had the tools to not only get back to feeling like my old self, but to create a satisfying and successful career (and life) by my design, and not by default.

Here’s what I want to share with you!

     A process that allows you to create a satisfying and fulfilling career but one that dovetails with the rest of your life instead of competing with it.

     This process allows you to get clarity of your direction in career so that you have confidence in the action you take.

     This process uncovers new, bigger professional opportunities that you’ve never considered before.

     This process encourages you to stop playing small and instead move into your fullest potential.

     This process allows you to achieve MORE without sacrificing your lifestyle, health, and relationships.

     This process will stop you from being pulled in multiple directions so that you can MOVE FORWARD from here to a career on your terms.

So, if you’re curious what it’s like to experience moving forward without overwhelm and easily creating high-level momentum and success that’s aligned with you, I’d love to have a conversation with you to see if we’re a fit.

. . .you’ll start to see how you no longer have to sacrifice satisfaction for security.

. . .you’ll no longer compromise your values and the priorities in your life to earn a paycheck.

. . .you’ll truly start to discover how much more influence you have, and, you can finally create the fulfilling, fun, and financially stable career that you deserve!

Now, more than ever, it’s time to focus on YOU and creating a career that is aligned with who you are without having to sacrifice what’s important to you in the process.

Be good to yourself,


P.S. Please click only if you are committed to creating a career and life that aligns with who you are meant to BE.

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Don’t see what you want? Let’s have a conversation

Clients RAVE about Debbie…

I had the privilege and opportunity to attend a virtual presentation Debbie gave for the “Women Lead Change” group in my area and was immediately struck by how relevant her material was to my life. She displays an amazing passion for the work she is doing and connected with her audience in a way that ensured her message resonated. She (and her message) left a lasting and positive impression on me and I highly recommend her (virtual) presentation!

—Tracy LaBarr
Int. Internal Controls Analyst

It was an absolute joy getting to learn from Debbie Peterson! Her strategies for finding clarity and living and leading as our authentic selves were timely and important lessons. “Becoming a great leader is not about adding to who you are… it’s about eliminating what is covering you up.” From eliminating blind spots to shuffling your burners, from eliminating confusion to finding your super power – Debbie Peterson coaches you to clarity with enlightened leadership training!

—Heather Martell
Best Selling Author | Trainer Public Speaker | Treasury Management

I heard Debbie speak at an event for the Women’s Inclusion Network at my work on creating a ‘Roadmap to Your Career’ specifically aimed at women planning their careers. She is a very engaging and approachable speaker and gave practical, actionable advice. She was great at interacting with the attendees even through a virtual forum (which can be difficult. I felt understood and connected and I left her talk with a list of action items and newfound excitement for what is next for me. I would definitely like to hear her talk again and highly recommend her as a speaker.

—Jen Whorton
Data Reporting Analyst at Raymond James

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